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August 24
Share Prices and IFTs for August 23
by  United States - Virginia TopNotch | 3 Comments

Looks like the share prices for August 23 were not updated and most IFTs yesterday did not go through. The share prices for August 23 are actually the share prices for August 22. Skie or Aitrus, can you get this fixed? Thanks.

August 23
Will the S&P 500 Hit 2500 in 2017?
by  United States galveston1 | 2 Comments

Todd Gordon thinks it's a real possibility. ... -says.html

I'm still all in at S-60% and C-40%.

August 23
Season not good this month
by  United States bad70nova | 7 Comments

The F Fund not tracking well this month, seasonality has me in it, but making no head way as I am sure many others following this strategy are feeling. Wanting to jump out and get on the C / S / I band wagon, but just to scared to pull the trigger. Heading out of the country for the 2nd two weeks of Sep, so may just move to G and not worry about anything. Then again could go big and have a great surprise waiting for me when I return. Good or Bad.

August 21
Can my contribution exceed my check?
by  United States mjedlin66 | 4 Comments

I regularly change my contribution in wild swings. Sometimes I need cash for my other investments, so I will knock my contribution down to 5%. Other times I will set the contribution to $1500 or so to make up for lost time. I used to do this all the time. It allowed me to reach my maximum contribution for the year and still access new money when I needed to.

Now that I am working overseas, I do not receive locality pay. Instead, I receive two tax-free allowances, Post Differential and Living Quarters Allowance. As a result, my base salary is considerably lower than it used to be, even though I am netting about the same take-home. My 5% government match is lower, and my taxable income is lower.

With less taxable income, I am concerned that if I set my contribution higher than the portion of my check that comes from taxable income, it will mess something up. I received a $56 paycheck two weeks ago because my TSP contribution was $1000, I lost locality pay, and that was before my PD and LQA set in place.


1) Can my TSP contribution pull from these non-taxable allowances, which are paid as part of my LES? For example, if my taxable income for the pay period is $2000, but I have $2100 worth of taxable deductions and another $1000 of non-taxable income, will it reduce my net pay by $100 and everything will work out fine?

2) Can my TSP contribution pull my net pay down to a negative amount? If, for example, I set my contribution to $5000, would the government make this contribution and send me a debt letter to repay?

I cannot mathematically max my contributions this year if my TSP contributions are limited to taxable pay minus deductions.


August 19
Tracking TSP?
by  United States lmbebo | 3 Comments


Is there a way to track our TSP accounts? Doesn't seem like its possible with quicken (At least not easily).

Personal capital? Portfolio tracker with USA Today?

August 17
10-Step Plan for an Optimal TSP Withdrawal Strategy
by  United States galveston1 | 24 Comments

I recently came across an interesting article by David Redden, Federal Benefits Specialist. He lays out a plan for withdrawing from TSP upon retirement. I have about 9 years to go until I retire from Federal Service. If anyone has a few minutes, could you read through his article and give me your thoughts? Thanks.

The link is:

August 17
Fed. Minutes
by  United States nrialto | 4 Comments

Fed. Minutes are going to be released today at 2pm. Is anyone planning a pre-noon IFT in anticipation of funds going up (sell) or going down (buy)?

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