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May 20
Has something changed? Withdrawel age.
by  United States Benjerman | 0 Comments

Has something changed with TSP withdrawel age? I keep seeing on Fedweek an article saying we can withdraw our funds at age 55 without penalty as long as you retire at this time. It says that TSP participants can do this but most other IRA account particapants are still required to wait until age 59.5 yrs old. If so, it is a gift from god for me.

May 19
Sell in May?
by  United States cswift01 | 1 Comment

It seems like there is a lot of dissonance on the "sell in may" adage. One interesting variation is this: ... a484f43d49


May 18
Oh, to be #41041!
by  United States - Kentucky Sad Al | 6 Comments

I am fascinated by the possibilities and creative number crunching you can do with the TSPCALC.COM website. Note that this is an unsolicited endorsement: if you join by May 20 you get a 25% discount for the first year ($15 instead of $20).

If you focus solely on 2018 and sort, you can see that the top 100 strategies are up by 17%+ for the year, with the highest performance recorded by strategy #41041, at 40% gains for the year! Bravo! Of course, that is only a fantasy, and no one here at TSPCENTER.COM is actually following that strategy, but the possibility is mind blowing. I haven't fully vetted any of those 100 leaders for this year, and it could be that their past performance really sucked. It also could be that their performance over the next seven months will negate those gains.

May 18
S Fund today??
by  United States Jalpunk | 3 Comments

Many strategies move to the S fund today, but its seems a little unwise to jump in today given how high it is right now. I'm curious on people's thoughts on either jumping to S today or deviating from the strategy and staying put or going elsewhere (I'm currently in G as per 20241).

May 18
PCS expense - New home purchse.
by  United States ArrieS | 0 Comments

I am moving and got PCS expenses to cover the move. I am purchasing a home and the guidance I was given from my gaining unit is old. All the form examples are outdated forms and the explanations are vague.

I was wondering if anyone has recently done this and could share what costs exactly are reimbursable under the home purchase part?

May 17
Some Experts Think This is as Good as It Gets
by  United States mindofmush | 15 Comments

Morgan Stanley Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Michael Wilson expects to see "a choppy, range-trading index for years," and the firm selects 30 stocks it believes will offer the best ways to play a sideways market over the next three years.

If you don't like the market now, you're not gonna like it for years. :mrgreen:

May 14
Lost Everything!
by  United States gmation2k | 10 Comments

Well, maybe not what you think. I was on my phone trying to 'X' out of an advertisement bar and somehow my whole fantasy TSP account got wiped out. Lost several years worth of data. I've sent requests to have it restored, but I have not heard back. How do I fix this??

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