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October 17
I fund not in seasonal planning
by  United States HazMatt17 | 2 Comments

Is there a reason the I Fund is not used in the seasonal plan? It seems to have pretty solid growth all around.

October 17
Market crashes
by  United States cswift01 | 1 Comment

If you look at history: ... ar_markets

You see that the typical market crash happens in August, September or October. It's interesting how that lines up with the seasonal strategy and most of the daily strategy.

Good stuff.



October 16
The move to S Fund.....
by  United States Thirty3 | 2 Comments

isn't looking very good so far..... supposed to move into C Fund on the 20th

October 16
TSPTiming advisory service
by  United States RedHue | 14 Comments

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has tried TSPTiming's advisory service. Seems a little sketchy with as it supposedly uses seasonal timing, moon phases and unemployment report dates to know well ahead of time when to make switches.

October 13
2018 Contribution Limits
by  United States SpeedDemon | 7 Comments

Do you think the 2018 contribution limits will increase from 2017?

October 13
TSPCalc and Optimization
by  United States ajareds92 | 4 Comments

So I was talking to a friend today about tspcalc and we got into conversation about how tspcalc comes up with the different strategies. Basically people are just manually optimizing the data.

We got into thinking about how you could run some excel optimization filters or maybe write some code in quantconnect after importing the TSP data that you could basically automate what we have doing in tspcalc. So maybe you could set filters to give you the best sigma value while maintaining a CAGR above 30%.

I am sure I am not the only one who has thought of this and I bet mjedlin66 has already been working on this. However, has anybody else attempted to do this before or thought of different methods to do this? Unfortunately my programming class was not my strongest one.

October 13
Hello from Philly!
by  United States Sarewy | 22 Comments

I have been snooping around TSP center for several months and decided that I might as well introduce myself now. I'm 33 and a GS-12. My goal retirement is at MRA 57. 24 more years to go!!

So I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about seasonal. I have come far in the last 3 years. Being completely uneducated on investing I was in the G find for everything for the first 7.5 years of my career... ugh. I did finally start thinking about things and went to the L2040 for 4.5 years after that.

Just this May I decided to dive head first into directly managing my TSP. I started with trying to follow the economic cycle with my investments which was a huge improvement. Then I stumbled across TSP center... yay! In July, I switched to following Clapper's mix in my actual TSP. Now I'm ready to give the daily seasonal 16517 a good go. I am still checking my economic indicators to look out for recessions. Below are my sad and pathetic real TSP PIPs since starting civil service but I still have time to hopefully make up for it!

2007 = 4.80% G
2008 = 3.74% G
2009 = 3.00% G
2010 = 2.77% G
2011 = 2.49% G
2012 = 1.46% G
2013 = 1.91% G
2014 = 1.64% G, 3rd quarter L2040
2015 = 0.54% L2040
2016 =8.69% L2040
2017 = 14.08%(to date)Jan-Apr L2040, April L2040/2050, May directly managed

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