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November 26
by  United States gebbie2 | 2 Comments

So is there anyway we can get an updated SEASONAL CALCULATION for the seasonal approach
i clicked on TSP calculaters: and it looks like it only makes a calc up to 2011/2012. How about the including the last 2-3 years?

November 25
New to TSP
by  United States briggsaj | 2 Comments

Hey Everyone,
I am fresh out of college and am wanting to be really prepared for retirement. I am not sure all the rules for when I can transfer funds ect. Is it only once per pay period? Do you need to do transfers before a certain time of day for them to go through? Any general advice and knowledge would be very helpful here. Appreciate it!

November 25
by  United States roxy13 | 3 Comments

Many bailing to G? I was planning on going to G on Friday. Thought the day before and after TG were considered good days?

My plan is to go back into S sometime early/mid Dec. What am I missing?

November 25
The Santa Rally
by  United States TSPsmart | 4 Comments

Last year I put together The Santa Claus Rally Guide. Please take a look at it if you are interested.

I prefer to call it the "Turn-of-the-Year (TOY) Seasonal Effects" because there is a lot of confusion propagated by mainstream media this time of year. TOY encompasses all the seasonal effects and potential strategies by looking from Thanksgiving through January.

I think we could potentially see a similar pattern as last year with a correction in mid-December prior to a rally which means buying now and holding thru the end of the period might not be the best play.

What makes this December different than previous Decembers is the likelihood the Fed will increase interest rates after sitting at zero for so long. Then across the ocean the ECB may announce more QE at the same time. While the seasonal strength will be there, other market moving forces are also playing out. I have the greatest concern for what happens after Christmas and into the new year when this seasonal strength dissipates.

November 25
by  United States finished1 | 0 Comments

Anybody have any good Podcasts to listen to about TSP or anything related to helping acquire more information about investing?

November 24
Draw from TSP or SS @ 62
by  United States scotth2010 | 8 Comments

Thought for FERS employees, has anyone run these numbers? Drawing SS $ vs. TSP $ starting at 62.
Background, planned retirement at 62, fully vested in SS, FERS, expected TSP balance ~800k, spouse eight years younger with very little in the way of retirement income, we have no other investments, only home debt. To replace ~70% of my working income I will NOT need to draw both SS and TSP!
Opt. 1: At 62, draw SS ~1800 per month, let TSP ride until needed or 70.
Opt. 2: At 62, draw ~1800/m from TSP, let SS ride until needed or 70, increases 7-8%/yr.
Opt. 3: At 62, draw from both, reinvest/live high.
I plan on living forever, but odds are she will outlive me, so when I am dead, she will have 50% of my SS, 50% of FERS, and 100% remaining in TSP. Thoughts????

November 24
Ran screaming from market in August now need to jump in?
by  United States texasex78 | 8 Comments

I had read Airtrus' post regarding seasonal strategies, and thought it might be something I wanted to look into. I foolishly ran screaming from the market in August and have sat in G since that time. I had been "buy and hold" for the long haul in C and S, but... I will retire 12/31/20 and currently have 1.1M in my TSP and am starting to be more squeamish regarding my investments. Although the bulk of my money is in G, right now, my contribution allocation is still in S and C. I want to continue maxing out my investment but seem to be a little more timid now that my TSP is over 1M. If I were to do the seasonal and wanted to start for December 2015, do you just IFT and contribution allocation ALL to the S fund?(that's the Jahbulon method). Any thoughts. Thanks

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