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October 24
Quandl - An Amazing Site
by  United States - Washington DC skiehawk11 | 0 Comments

Quandl is a free website that essentially data mines all sorts of cool data that can be used for algorithms in forecasting models.

Check it out. I use it quite frequently to build models.

October 23
by  United States jerrypapa3 | 3 Comments

I have around $50K in the traditional TSP; recently started contributions to Roth TSP so I also have around $2K there. I also have around $20K in a vanguard Roth IRA. I want to consolidate the accounts and move the vanguard Roth money into the Roth TSP because of the easier inter-fund transfers and lower maintenance fees. Apparently, the TSP does not allow a rollover from a Roth IRA, so I think my only option would be to withdraw the money and take the 10% penalty and tax fees on earnings. I've had the vanguard Roth IRA over 7 years, and don't qualify for any of the authorized distribution rules. Do you guys know of any other way that I could transfer the money without withdrawing and taking the money loss? If not, do you recommend I just leave the money in the vanguard account and leave both accounts as is? Current vanguard expense ratio is .14% and approximate earnings are $5K


October 23
IRS Raising Limit for Retirement Plans Going
by  United States - Washington Aitrus | 0 Comments

Looks like the IRS is raising the annual limit for tax advantaged retirement plans starting in 2015. The new limit is going from $17,500 to $18,000 for regular contributions, and from $5,500 to $6,000 for catch-up.

For those of you maxing it out, I hope you enjoy the bump to the limit!


October 23
Roll Over or Cash Out?
by  United States - South Dakota MakeMe$$$$ | 7 Comments


I'm starting to think about exiting TSP. I guess my great debate is whether to roll it over to an IRA or just cash it out and invest.

Obviously the issue is taxes. Currently, my and my wife's income puts us in the 25% tax margin. We really don't see any change in that and my rather smallish TSP balance of around $34K could be withdrawn and probably all of it would remain within the 25% tax margin. We could even consider taking 1/2 out this year and then the other 1/2 next year to ensure we don't bump into the 28% bracket.

We don't see any reason to believe our taxable income will drop. In fact, I expect it will only put us higher in the 25% bracket thus causing a cash out to cross over into the 28% bracket. Perhaps the only situation where our tax bracket would be reduced is if one of us dies before we either cashed out the TSP or fund rolled into an IRA.

Both of us are retired so there will not be any serious chance we will want to contribute to an IRA either.

If I did roll to an IRA I *THINK* it would be a Roth. That seems to fall in line with my thinking I should suck up the tax burden now instead of later.

BTW...I plan to use Vanguard for my IRA since I already have investments with them.

So...any thoughts?

October 22
Shooting In Canada A Factor today (10-22-14)
by  United States - South Dakota MakeMe$$$$ | 10 Comments

Sad day in and of itself.

So...are the markets reacting or was this in the making of normal patterns that could be part of the correction we were seeing?

October 21
Health Care Savings Account
by  United States - Alabama LoGiK | 9 Comments

I'm curious if anyone here has an HSA. I've been reading about retirement goals and how people invest their money while they're working and I ran into these. Looking to get inputs on if people use them - why or why not?

October 21
Bullish Technical Pattern on Weekly $SPX Chart
by  United States dcramer29 | 1 Comment

The recent pullback in equities has created a nice bullish setup on the C-fund.

Looking at the $SPX weekly chart, you see a well established hammer candlestick from last week directly on the 50 week moving average. The hammer was followed by higher index prices this week. The recovery this week confirms the reversal, and I think the crash some of us are waiting for isn't quite here yet.

Fundamentally, in the past, the market crashes and recessions ALWAYS waited for the unemployment rate to reverse back to the upside. Shortly after the unemployment reversal, equities crashed.

The unemployment percentage that the Labor Dept puts out, has not started turning up just yet. I'm guessing once it does, it will be the catalyst that sends stocks on its crash course. Until then, will continue trying to sharp shoot periods when we can make some gains.

Today I made an allocation change from the S-fund to the C-fund. The S has started a quicker recovery, but I think larger caps will follow stronger the next few trading sessions, especially given the technical setup in the $SPX....or C-fund.

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