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June 27
Gridlock in DC = Losses in TSP
by  United States - Maryland alligatorm | 0 Comments

Geesh....look at that market slide after they announced just a delay in the vote for Health Care....
I feel bad for those folks who are planning on retiring in the next 4 years who are trying to pad the ol' TSP balance before checking out....
With this gridlock in DC, it seems to be one step forward and two steps back.
I know Trump has his downside, but when the guy announces a pro-growth policy intention, the market roars.....but then the Democrats derail the effort and the market gets whacked!

C fund is down .81%
S fund is down .97%
after that announcement of the vote delay...

I think it may be in our TSP balances best interest to vote republican in the upcoming midterms... just to try to break up this gridlock..... If not, at the rate things are going I'm going to be 100 years old before I can retire :?

June 27
Turning 26, Health Care Questions
by  United States ajareds92 | 1 Comment

So this next may I will be turning 26 and was having a hard time after reading through OPM's website seeing if turning 26 qualifies as a life event. Currently I just pay my parents $25 a month for dental and health insurance so it would be significant savings if I could stick with that for an additional 5 months versus signing up at the end of this year.

On it says "There are 4 basic types of qualifying life events... Turning 26 and losing coverage through a parent’s plan"

But on OPM's website I dont see any similar wording... Just the idea of you losing a child and downgrading your plan once they turn 26.

Wondering if FEHB has different qualifying life events than obamacare?

June 26
What's with all the movement to the C Fund?
by  United States Jumper0155 | 8 Comments

Almost 200 people moving to the C Fund so far today. I started to check the profiles of those that started the trend and it looks like a lot of them are new accounts and don't have any history. What's going on? Something doesn't seem right. :?:

June 25
I fund 6/23/17
by  United States - Ohio Scarfinger | 1 Comment

I am trying to follow the "clapper" seasonal strategy. Hence forth a move to the "I" fund is coming for July. Also keeping an eye on the "tmj100" fashioned after Timboslice's past moves.

I decided to go "I" early based on it bouncing up from the 50 day moving average the previous two times. Crossing my fingers, hoping that this pattern continues. If it tanks I will be riding it out from now and through most of July. I may jump to "F" a little early, before August, because I am going on vacation the last week of July.

I made this chart back on Jan 6th:
June 24
Federal Retirement Readiness Review...FREE
by  United States Roguejim | 3 Comments

I came across this offer at It seems like there might be a catch somewhere along the way, but...what do you think? ... ess-review

June 22
New to the forum
by  United States Icecream | 3 Comments

Hello everyone. I am happy to be a new member and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can here. Thanks in advance for any advice.

June 22
Please support H.R. 2929....
by  United States ArrieS | 2 Comments

Please support H.R. 2929, the Federal Employee Combat Zone Tax Parity Act of 2017.

I'm surprised at how many people think Federal Employees serving combat zones are not taxed.

The truth is we are fully taxed on every penny. While I have no complaint that the military isn't taxed and wouldn't care if that was the only exception, but it is not. Non-Government civilians employed overseas also enjoy a tax write-off of the first $101,300 of income for 2016.

This is granted because the belief is they are paying income tax and VAT to the country they are living in. But countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, etc do not have VAT taxes or income taxes. So American contract workers paid by the US Government are enjoying a massive tax write-off. This write-off is so large, it is even greater than any member of the military enjoys which is capped at $98,665.20.

I hope you'll take 5 minutes and use the link below to write your representative in support of this bill.

Write your State Rep here: ... 98/Respond

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