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April 28
Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)
by  United States - Alabama LoGiK | 1 Comment

During work today, the water cooler discussions turned into investing. One individual mentioned he doesn't use TSP/IRA but instead uses a IUL. He said we should check out the article below.

What do you think; good or bad? I read it and it does seem interesting

April 28
Where are the last 5 years?
by  United States Dela444 | 2 Comments

I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times, but I am fairly new. When I enter different allocations into the Seasonal Calculator and then hit query, it will only show data up to 2012. WHERE IS THE DATA FROM 2013 TIL NOW?

April 28
No more retirement savings preferential treatment.
by  United States ArrieS | 14 Comments

"On Thursday, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, suggested that tax benefits for retirement savings would be rolled back to mitigate the cost of the tax cuts, the kind of tough decision that makes a rewrite of the tax code so politically difficult."

So who here would still be glad they voted for Trump if the destroyed IRAs, 401k, and the TSP to pay for repealing the estate tax? ... ealth.html

April 28
Changes to seasonal method
by  United States cswift01 | 8 Comments

So, I'm at a crossroads at this point. I'm really liking the I-Fund for the month of May, however, the seasonal strategy says its time to head to the C-Fund, which should do well if the tax cuts become a thing. Nonetheless, I'm thinking of waiting until after the French election to depart from the I-Fund.

My question to you guys, what do you do when major events happen (like this upcoming French election) to how you adjust the seasonal strategy...or do you guys just stick with it? I know many state that they do their seasonals without hesitation, however, whenever very specific events happen, don't you take a bet too? I.e. whenever its a regular time period, you stick with the plan, however, whenever rare events you wait?

Just wondering how our community will respond.



April 27
New federal employee
by  United States brandon16 | 6 Comments

Hey all!

My name is Brandon, I am 24 years old and have been serving in the Air Force National Guard for the past four years (I have had a Uniformed Services TSP for the last three years). I recently was hired as a full-time technician for the National Guard and am doing very well for myself. Bought my first home two years ago and I am focusing heavily on a successful retirement. Currently contributing 20% to my TSP for this new job and putting the maximum of my National Guard pay into my Uniformed Services TSP.

I recently came across this site and found it to be a wealth of knowledge. I am particularly interested in the Seasonal Mixes and have started reallocating my contributions.

Thanks for providing this excellent information!!!

April 27
New member
by  United States mrussell22 | 5 Comments

I am a new federal hire starting at a late age of 59 yrs. I am earning a good salary, although playing catch up. Currently on target to allocate the max of $18,000. I am 100 % L2030, which I know is equity heavy for my age. A personal note about myself is that I have an extreme amount of gratitude to have been hired at my current position.

April 27
Sup with Share Prices for Apr. 26?
by  United States - Florida RangerDave | 14 Comments

I like the numbers but they are incorrect. Am I missing something, I hope!

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