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January 20
TSP Boot
by  United States Darian | 7 Comments

Hello everyone,
I recently signed up and I'm hungry for more knowledge regarding the TSP. I started my TSP when I was 22 and like most millennials I didn't really take it seriously. I figured I'd put 10% and not really worry about retirement seeing that it was a long time until that day came. Well, I'm 26 right now and although I still have no idea how to be successful with this program I've at least got to the point where I should take it seriously and use some logic when it comes to my future. I've been doing a lot of research and I'm convinced that since I'm still young I need to be aggresive so I've decided to go with 60% C, 20% S, and 20% I. I'm currently serving in the Marine Corps and plan to be here for the next 20 years. I figured I'd dump as much money as I can then rollover when I retire from the military. If you have any guidance or advice I'm eager to learn something new. I'm really excited to see what the future holds and I hope we all are successful in the years to come.


January 19
New guy on the site
by  United States smokinjo | 3 Comments

14 yrs to go until retirement and need some education!

January 19
Blended Retirement System
by  United States Cpayne09 | 26 Comments

Did a few searches but didn't find anything on the new federal retirement system that starts on Jan 2018. This is my understanding:

-Instead of the 50% after 20 years you now get ~40%.
-You get a lump sum of money (not sure how much but it is taxed) upon reenlistments.
-You get a 5% match (I believe the company match gets put into your traditional but I'm not sure. I have a Roth TSP so I don't really like that.

As a MSgt with 20 years that 50% is a little over $1900. 40% is $1553. It's not a huge difference. Besides, I'm not a believer in retiring solely on this 40-50%. I look at it as a supplement to whatever you're doing after the service.

My one question: do you guys feel that match + 40% is a better deal than the 50%?

January 18
Hey everyone
by  United States JimB | 20 Comments

HI great site so much info here don't know where to begin. I have a couple questions and hope someone can help.
I have 6 years left until I retire. I have all my monies inthe G fund $386k but know it's way too conservative. I contribute 24k a year. I am thinking about following Clappers seasonal mix but don't know what day of the month do I actually initiate the switch to different funds?
Also what's your opinion should I move all of my monies from the the G fund when I start?
Thanks to everyone for any advice you can share with me.

January 17
F Fund 1/17/17
by  United States - California TSPking | 4 Comments

I know there was an issue with the F Fund posting rate on 1/17/16. Its been fixed, however leader board will not reflect the fix until tomorrow's rate posting.



January 17
Traditional TSP Rollover to Traditional IRA
by  United States jethro | 16 Comments

I'm doing a little advanced financial planning and wanted to hear what anyone has to say about rolling over a TSP to an IRA. My TSP is all traditional and I'm thinking about rolling it over to a traditional IRA when I retire. Has anyone done this? Any tips? Thanks.

January 17
Stampede to the G-Fund
by  United States BR549 | 9 Comments

It looks like there’s a rush to safety ahead of the inauguration.

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